Next week we announce fines at gas stations – Many violations


“We have already imposed a lot of fines. They are over now the 3 million euros the fines that we have imposed for notoriety since the beginning of the year “stressed to ANT1 the Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis.

The minister announced that “from next week we will announce a series of fines at gas stations. We have already completed many inspections at gas stations and unfortunately, we have found several violations… I have given an order to DIMEA and we were on the islands all week. A while ago, I talked to the mayor of Patmos, where they have a special program because they have only two gas stations throughout Patmos from one company. There the price was much higher and I contacted the company to see why the price is so high. Next or next week, I will go to some of these islands myself to see and the gas station owners can explain to me because there they have such a big difference in price “.

“The accuracy is very high”, Mr. Georgiadis acknowledged and added, answering a relevant question: “Or for VAT I can not give you an answer. As the Prime Minister has said, this is also a weapon on the table. But remember something. One week ago, we announced a € 3.6 billion aid package. After two days, if you look at Greece’s lending rates, they went to 3.57. It is not that simple. That is, you can not give a signal to the markets that you are scattering money indiscriminately and without any limit, because then you will be out of the markets again and we will have other, from what we have experienced in the past that no one wants. Therefore, the moves that the government must make and the demands of society towards the government must be sensible. We can not, we do not have infinite resources“We can not eliminate the accuracy as a whole.”


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