F-16 bargain to allow Finland-Sweden to join NATO


The President of Turkey found an opportunity for another “bargain” Tayyip Erdogan on the occasion of its accession Finland and Sweden in NATO. Unification of the Allies is required for the two states to join the North Atlantic Alliance.

Saying “he does not see positively” threatens the accession of the two Nordic countries to NATO indirectly but clearly by veto, and seeks rewards. First of all, with these two countries accusing them of supporting the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK in Ankara, on the other hand it threatens NATO and the USA to at least ensure the modernization of the Turkish F-16s, as well as with the now given the Congress is not positive in this direction.

As SKAI’s Istanbul correspondent Manolis Kostidis explains, analysts have commented that Tayyip Erdogan has “risen” twice in recent history – and lost.

The first time with Pastor Bransonthen the then US President Donald Trump threatened to destroy the Turkish economy, and within a day Branson went to the US, and the second time with the S-400 anti-aircraft system, causing Turkey to suffer great damage, as excluded from the co-production program of state-of-the-art F-35 fighters does not use S-400s, and please for the F-16.

It is even noted that Erdogan also accused the US of “supporting terrorism”, ie the PKK in northern Syria, warning “Watch their steps”.

Source: skai.gr

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