North Korea reports 21 more deaths and nearly 175,000 fevers


In North Korea, 21 people have died from fever symptoms, while another 174,440 people have fever symptoms, reports PA† The country is trying to slow the spread of corona with strict measures.

The total number of deaths has risen to 27 since the end of April, while 524,440 people have been diagnosed with fever. 243,630 people have recovered while 280,810 are in isolation, state media said. They did not reveal the number of deaths and fevers involving people with corona.

Since Thursday, the hermetically sealed country has been in national confinement. Leader Kim Jong-un called the outbreak a “massive disruption” during an anti-virus strategy meeting on Saturday. He called for unity between the government and the people to stabilize the epidemic as soon as possible.

The spread of the coronavirus among North Korea’s unvaccinated population may have accelerated during mass gatherings like this military parade marking the 90th anniversary of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army in Pyongyang.

The majority of the country’s 26 million people are unvaccinated and North Korea lacks proper health care. Failure to contain the spread of the virus could have devastating consequences, experts say.

According to state media, virus samples collected on Sunday showed that a number of people with “fevers” are infected with the omikron variant. So far, authorities have only confirmed one death linked to an omikron infection.

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