The death of two tourists in a matter of hours has caused shock


Two tourists were found dead a few hours apart in Mallorca, the Spanish authorities announced on Friday. The victims are a 34-year-old Briton and a 31-year-old Dutchman, according to local media, citing Spanish police.

The accidents were caused due to the recklessness of the victims, the newspaper Diario de Mallorca underlines. Eyewitnesses videotaped them and the images saw the light of day through the internet.

The first accident took place on Thursday morning at the tourist resort of Magaluf. A video shows a man climbing out of a balcony on the seventh floor of a hotel before falling into the void. Police said the victim was most likely under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Two women, who were in the room of the unfortunate Briton before the tragic incident, told the police that he was “behaving strangely” a little earlier.

Hours later, a Dutch tourist dived to his death from a rock in Santa Ponza. The unfortunate man did not calculate his jump correctly, from a height of 25 meters. So instead of diving into the sea, he hit the rocks. His jump was videotaped by his partner, who was on a boat with their son, according to Spanish media.

Divers managed to locate the lifeless body of the Dutchman after a long time. He was not said to have died from the impact on the rocks, but he probably lost consciousness and drowned after being dragged off the coast.

There are many tourists, mostly men, who have died in Mallorca participating in risky activities, such as jumping from a balcony to a swimming pool.

Campaigns to prevent such incidents and impose fines have not had the desired effect, according to the German-language newspaper Mallorca Zeitung.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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