Czech Republic inaugurates world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge


The Czech Republic inaugurated the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world on Friday. The Sky Bridge 721 in Dolni Morava is 721 meters long and rises 95 meters above the ground. The bridge overlooks a mountain valley between the Eagle and Jesenice mountains.

The first walkers to cross the bridge felt a particular tension. “We came here because we love adrenaline,” said hiker Michaela Klestilova as she made her way to the bridge. “We came here on foot and now we are looking forward to our reward.”

The Sky Bridge 721 was built in two years and cost 200 million crowns (more than 8 million euros). The bridge is attached to six main carrying cables and sixty tension cables.

It sits over 1,100 meters above sea level, connecting two ridges in the northeastern region of the country, some 200 kilometers from Prague, near the border with Poland.

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