Petsas: Interference in the electricity is not connected with early elections


The government intervention in the electricity bills is in no way related to holding early elections, Deputy Minister of Interior Stelios Petsas told SKAI and the show “Kalimera”, with Giorgos Avtias.

He ruled out such a scenario, saying that elections would normally take place at the end of four years. The elections will take place at the end of 4 years “.

As he said, in the months of June-July, the interference in the electricity will be recorded in the bills, whether it concerns retroactive coverage from December to May, or a permanent reduction of the tariffs from July onwards.

Regarding the intervention for the super profits of energy providers, he stressed that it was a national initiative to return 90%. “Only our government did it and Italy at 25%, no other European country,” said the deputy minister.

“We can not wait so many months until a competition committee decides whether to return such money back to society. “We will see what the energy regulator will show and we will go straight to tax this source of profit and return it to society,” he added.

Regarding the reductions in this year’s ENFIA, he stated “that if one said in 2019 that Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the government would reduce ENFIA by 1 billion, one would say that he is crazy”. “Money comes to Greek society with confidence, we must preserve that.”

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