“Untraceable” pensioners are entitled to hundreds of millions of euros


Hundreds of millions of “untraceable” pensioners remain in pension funds. The ABP pension fund confirms this on Saturday after reporting The telegraph

These are people who are entitled to a pension, but who have not applied for it. Therefore, the pension cannot be paid. Pension funds are trying to contact them.

For example, the ABP Civil Servants’ Fund does not know the contact details of nineteen thousand retirees, partly because they have moved to live abroad. There are still 300 million euros ready for them. Per person, this represents an average of nearly 16,000 euros.

“Untraceable” pensioners are people who, for example, worked as a student assistant during their studies and thus built up a pension, but do not know that they are entitled to benefits.

ABP, the largest pension fund in the Netherlands, says it is doing everything it can to find people. “Employees have saved for it. They are simply entitled to it,” explains a spokesperson.

An outside agency had previously found two thousand participants, according to a spokesperson.

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