Corinth: Criminal organization that deceived citizens dismantled – 265 cases solved


There are 265 cases of deception of citizens investigated by the police of the Corinth Security Department, after the dismantling of a criminal organization operating in many parts of the country, from March 2020 to May 2021.

Eight people, aged between 18 and 58, are charged in these cases, as well as a minor, who have been charged with criminal organization and fraud, while three of the above defendants are already imprisoned for similar offenses.

As for the criminal organization’s actions, its members, according to the police, first found advertisements for the sale of products on the internet, and then communicated with the sellers – their victims.

Soon after, pretending to be potential buyers, they persuaded the sellers to make the corresponding money transaction, through a specific electronic application. At the same time, taking advantage of the ignorance of the victims regarding the mode of operation of the specific application, they managed to extract them on average from 200 to 600 euros, per case.

In fewer cases, under the same pretext, they managed to extract the web-banking codes from the victims – citizens, where they then gained access to their electronic bank accounts and transferred money to the accounts managed by the defendants.

Also, in other cases, the defendants created fake profiles on vehicle sales websites.

In particular, they appeared as sellers, with the result that interested buyers contacted them. They were then persuaded to deposit in bank accounts, sums of money, as alleged advances or invoice expenses, etc.

The police investigation so far revealed that the defendants had committed a total of 265 cases of fraud, gaining illegal property gain in excess of 240,000 euros.

The case file was submitted to the Corinth Prosecutor of First Instance, while the Corinth Security Department continues the investigations into the case.

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