Thessaloniki: In orange again after 7 months, the viral load of sewage


At the orange epidemiological level, after a period of seven months, the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Thessaloniki returns, based on the latest measurements of the week for the concentration of the virus in municipal waste.

This emerges from the research conducted by the Sewage Epidemiology Team of AUTh with EYATH, in collaboration with the Region of Central Macedonia and within the National Network of EODY.

As shown in the attached diagrams presented by ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ, the viral load of wastewater was measured at a similar level in the second ten days of October 2021 when it went up to red where it remained, with strong periodic outbreaks, which were reflected in a very high number of daily announcements cases.

Specifically, in the samples taken daily at the entrance of the Thessaloniki wastewater treatment plant, regarding the rationalized values ​​of relative viral load secretion, the average value of the two most recent measurements, ie Wednesday 11/05/2022 and Thursday 12/05/2022 is:

– Marginally stable (-9%) in relation to the average value of the two immediately preceding measurements on Monday 09/05/2022 and Tuesday 10/05/2022 and

– Marginally reduced (-24%) compared to the average price of the previous Wednesday 04/05/2022 and Thursday 05/05/22.

The coronavirus assessment methodology in the municipal waste developed by the AUTh team, rationalizes the concentration measurements of the virus genome based on 24 environmental factors, which may alter the results of the measurements.

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