Intrakat: Optimism for the future prospects of the construction industry


The management of Intrakat expressed its optimism for the future prospects of the construction industry, in the context of the annual briefing of analysts that took place yesterday.

As mentioned, the expected normalization of the cost of implementation of technical projects and the increase of sales from new contracted projects indicate the positive outlook for the next period.

At the same time, as it was pointed out, due to the systematic policy followed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the maturation of many large projects has been achieved, a fact that concerns the entire construction sector.

At the same time, the administration estimated that the adoption by the ministry of the proposal of the whole construction world for the establishment of a price observatory will permanently solve future distortions.

All the above immediate measures combined with the extraordinary revisions of the basic integration materials adopted by the ministry were very important for the continuation of the projects and are expected, according to the administration, to be extended to more materials as a countermeasure to the ongoing uncontrollable inflationary trends. the construction market worldwide.

In the context of the briefing, the management presented the strategic planning of Intrakat as well as the prospects while emphasis was placed on the main developments of the past year regarding the main activity pillars (public infrastructure projects, environmental / IoT projects, PPPs, concessions, renewable energy sources and real estate development in the tourism sector).

It is noted that in 2021, despite the difficult economic environment, Intrakat significantly strengthened its activity with a turnover of 214.8 million euros, recording an increase of 23% compared to 2020.

The outstanding balance is at historically high levels of over 1.13 billion euros. However, the prolonged impact of the pandemic on economic activity, supply chain disruptions with raw material shortages and, above all, uncontrolled inflationary trends in basic construction materials (iron, copper, concrete, plastic, asphalt, petroleum, etc.) led to a record.

The management also focused on the completion of the absorption of GAIA ANEMOS energy company with a capacity of electricity generation licenses from RES over 1.6 GW, the successful increase of the share capital of Intrakat by 51 million euros and the start of construction of the first 100MW wind farms parks.

It is noted that in 2021, the Intrakat Group developed new units for the management of sustainability and regulatory compliance, while promoting the development of new systems for recording and managing information related to essential sustainability issues and the European classification for climate change. so that in the future it is possible both to verify the information and to compare it with other similar and related companies.

The 2021 Sustainability Report describes the connection of the essential issues for the Group and its participants, as recognized by the Group’s management and are the compass for the development of the strategy and policies related to sustainability and related to specific objectives.

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