Smyrlis: Foreign Direct Investment in the real estate market in Greece reached almost 1.17 billion euros


The special interest presented by the 1st Real Estate Forum 2022 was highlighted in the greeting addressed today by the Secretary General of International Economic Relations and Extroversion (DOSE) and President of Enterprise Greece, Ioannis Smyrlis, emphasizing that those interested can be informed about all the data in the industry. of real estate agents, to be informed about the new trends that apply to residential, tourist, commercial and commercial real estate, but above all it gives the opportunity to all those active in the sector to actively participate in the public debate.

The 1st Real Estate Forum 2022 was organized within the unique exhibition for Real Estate in Greece, of the 2nd Premium Real Estate Expo, by the company RMI.

Mr. Smyrlis pointed out that real estate is one of the traditional sectors of attracting investment, which has been significantly tested in recent years, due to the economic crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, in 2021 it entered a recovery trajectory at a steady pace, especially with regard to hotel units, commercial real estate and high-standard housing. In particular, Foreign Direct Investment reached almost 1.17 billion euros in inflows for real estate, showing an increase compared to 2020.

The Secretary General stated that the recovery in the real estate market in our country is now at a steady pace and has been strengthened with significant supplies.

The new Development Law, as he said, and the law on Strategic Investments, as well as the financial tools provided by the Recovery and Sustainability Fund, the new NSRF and the Fair Transition Fund create a new, flexible and favorable environment for further development. of the real estate industry.

He noted that important tourism players worldwide have chosen our country to make their investments in the construction and development of real estate.

Mr. Smyrlis, finally, referring to the pro-investment policy of the government, emphasized the digitization of many and time-consuming bureaucratic procedures, the design and implementation of a series of important investment incentives, as well as the parallel coordination of productive Ministries.

According to the latest statistics, our country for 2021 recorded a record of Foreign Direct Investment, reaching 5.1 billion euros, which is the largest inflow of FDI since 2002. At the same time, according to surveys, Greece ranks among the top 10 investment destinations in Europe.

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