50 million people will face starvation in the coming months due to the war in Ukraine


Tens of millions of people on the planet will face it hunger in the coming months because of the war in Ukraine, predated German Foreign Minister Analena Berbock.

Ukraine contributes significantly to world food stocks by exporting significant quantities of seed oil, corn and wheat.

But these supplies right now are trapped due to the Russian invasion.

Speaking after the G7 summit in Germany, Ms Burbok said up to 50 million people, especially in Africa and the Middle East, would face hunger in the coming months.

A joint statement from the G7 foreign ministry said: “Russia’s aggressive war has caused one of the most serious food and energy crises in recent history, threatening the most vulnerable in the world.

“We are determined to accelerate a coordinated response to maintain global food security and to stand by our most vulnerable partners.”

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie has said she is ready to send ships to European ports to transport grain if Ukrainian supplies are released.

“We have to make sure that these products are shipped to the world,” he told reporters. “If not, millions of people will face famine”

Source: skai.gr

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