The West has declared a “total hybrid war” against Russia


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said the West has declared a “total hybrid war” against Russia.

Speaking from Moscow, Lavrov said it was difficult to predict how long the conflict with the West would last.

He went on to say that efforts to isolate Russia were “doomed”.

The Russian Foreign Minister stated that “Western politicians must understand that their efforts to isolate our country are in vain.”

Earlier, Russian news agencies reported today that the Deputy Foreign Minister had Alexander Grusko, who stressed that Moscow will take adequate precautionary measures if NATO develops nuclear forces and infrastructure closer to Russia’s borders

“We will have to respond (…) by taking adequate precautionary measures, which will ensure the sustainability of the deterrent,” Interfax news agency quoted Grusco as saying.

Moscow has no hostile intentions towards Finland and Sweden and does not see these two countries having “real” reasons to join NATO, Grusco added.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister also reiterated an earlier Kremlin statement that Moscow’s response to possible NATO expansion will depend on how close the alliance will move military means to Russia and on what infrastructure it will develop.

Finland’s plan to apply for NATO membershipwhich was announced on Thursday, while tomorrow is expected to be announced the official decision of Helsinki on the matter This, and the expected possibility that Sweden will follow, will lead to the expansion of the Western military alliance that Russian President Vladimir Putin aimed to prevent.


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