Three men with about 20 kilos of cannabis were arrested in Aigio


Large amount of hempς, που reaches about 20 kgidentified by police officers of the Security Department of Egialia into car and arrested three men.

In particular, according to the police, men from the Security Department of Aigialeia, utilizing information they had gathered, located the two of those arrested to drive and go to the SEA of Aigio, where they met with the third detainee, who arrived at the scene by truck. .

The driver of the truck then unloaded two suitcases from the body, which were received by the co-driver of the car and placed in the boot of the vehicle.

Immediately afterwards, the police stabbed the three men, but one of them during his arrest, struck strong resistance, attempting to hit the police.

A search of a car turned up two suitcases containing four kilograms of cannabis, weighing a total of 19 kilograms and 876 grams.

During a physical search of the three men, police found in their possession a pistol, five cartridges, a pepper spray and three mobile phones.


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