Two more cases were detected in England


Two more people were diagnosed with smallpox in London, according to statements by British health officials, the Guardian reports.

The couple lives in the same household and is not related to it previously confirmed case in England announced on May 7, the United Kingdom Health Insurance Agency (UKHSA) said.

Of the last two cases, one person has been admitted to the Infectious Diseases Unit at St Mary’s Hospital in London. The other is in solitary confinement and does not currently need treatment, the UKHSA said.

Health officials said they were investigating how the transmission took place and how people became infected.

Tracking is done with those who have come in close contact.

The initial symptoms of monkey pox include fever, headache, muscle aches, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, chills and exhaustion.

A rash may also occur and patients tend to recover within two to four weeks.

The virus is found mainly in tropical forests in central and western Africa.


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