Helsinki to apply for NATO membership next week – M. Tsavousoglou talks with Finnish Foreign Minister


THE Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland Peka Haavisto stated that his country intends to apply for NATO membership next week, if Parliament decides on Monday.

He also noted that Finnish President Sauli Niinisto had spoken by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin to inform him of Helsinki’s intentions, while he had spoken with his Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu in order to “reduce the tension.” the reservations expressed by the Turkish side about the possibility of joining the Alliance of Finland and Sweden.

“I spoke with Mevlüt Tsavousoglou and we will meet today. “I am optimistic that we will find a solution,” said Haavisto, speaking at an informal meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Berlin. for this the process can take months. “And of course all member states have the potential to prevent or delay accession,” he added. During this period, he stressed, the guarantees of other member states for the security of the country are important, as, as he said, it will not be covered by Article 5 of the NATO Treaty.

Regarding a possible reaction from Russia, Mr. Khavisto stressed that the two countries share a peaceful common border and “we want to keep it that way”, while he clarified that “we do not ask permission” from Moscow, but we communicate. He expressed the belief that in the end, both Finland and Sweden would become members of the Alliance.


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