Luxembourg: None of NATO’s 30 countries allowed to block Sweden, Finland accession


Convinced that eventually all 30 states – members of NATO I will support the accession of Sweden and Finland in the NATO “No country will take the responsibility to stop them,” he said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Jean ‘Asselborn, from the informal meeting of NATO ministers in Berlin.

“If both countries want it, then neither of the 30 countries is allowed to oppose it (…) This is a game that would illuminate NATO in a very negative way and I hope it does not happen,” Asselborn said. that none of the 30 countries, except Turkey, wants to block the accession of Sweden and Finland.

“Turkey is one of the 30 NATO countries. An important partner for many years, but here the issue is security in Europe and especially in two countries, one of which has many kilometers of common border with Russia. The problem is that one can no longer believe Putin, as he once said, and that he was not going to attack the Ukrainians. “If Sweden and Finland want it, then they will have all 30 countries on their side,” said the Luxembourg foreign minister.

Referring to the evolution of NATO, Mr. Asselborn characteristically said that “from brain dead in 2019, it reached a rebirth in 2022, thanks to Putin.” NATO will grow, I am convinced, he said, adding that the Alliance will remain defensive, as has been the case since the day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


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