At least eight dead and several injured after racially motivated US shooting


At least eight people have been killed and several injured in a shooting at a supermarket in the city of Buffalo in the US state of New York, US media report. The alleged shooter has been arrested. He would have a racist motive.

It is believed to be a male suspect in military uniform and in possession of a semi-automatic firearm, reports BNO News† Reportedly fired around in early afternoon local time.

The footage shows shocking images of victims. Several were reportedly shot in the head. A number of victims are outside the store.

The exact number of victims is still unknown. NBC New York reported eight deaths. At least one of the injured was taken to hospital.

The shooter reportedly broadcast the shooting live on social media Twitch. He is also said to have posted a manifesto of more than a hundred pages, in which he describes himself as an eighteen-year-old convinced of the superiority of whites. He is also said to have anti-Semitic views.

Buffalo police confirmed they made an arrest around the shooting. It would be the shooter.

Local authorities confirm that an incident has taken place. The governor of New York says he is monitoring the incident. Authorities are advising citizens to avoid the area surrounding the incident.

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