Brutal murder of a 40-year-old man in Chios


Brutal murder of a 40-year-old occurred early in the morning in the village Stone of Chios with the perpetrator a 28-year-old friend of the victim.

The perpetrator reportedly was offended by something the victim said or did to his partner.

The 40-year-old resident of Lithio and father of two children received a 28-year-old fatal blow to the chest with a knife, blade of about 20 cm, according to the press release of the General Regional Police Directorate of North Aegean. According to ERT’s Aegean Station, “what happened was most likely recorded by the cameras of the store but also clarified by the testimony of the one and only witness, a young expatriate from America, who was in it at the time and in fact he fainted when he saw the evolution of the quarrel “.

The body of the 40-year-old was transported for an autopsy-necropsy to the General Hospital of Chios. A toxicological test will also be performed on the victim and the perpetrator.

The arrested person is taken to the competent Prosecution Authority with very serious criminal charges, while the pre-investigation work is carried out by the Chios Security Sub-Directorate.


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