Eurovision 2022: First place for Ukraine – Greece in 8th place


Ukraine with Stefania of the Kalush Orchestra was the big winner in the final of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest with a total of 631 points.

Greece with Amanda Georgiadi and “Die Together” was in 8th place with 215 points.

Greece’s score was formed by receiving 158 points from the committees, as six countries gave it 12 points and two 10, while it received 57 points from the viewers.

The second place was taken by the United Kingdom with 466 points, the third place was taken by Spain with 459 points, in the fourth place was taken by Sweden with 438 points and the fifth place was taken by Serbia with 312 points.

It was followed by Italy with 268 and Moldova with 253 points, while the ninth and tenth place were occupied by Portugal with 207 points and Norway with 182 points respectively.

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