AADE: Seized a ton of drink-bombs in a nightclub


Another great success was recorded by the customs inspectors of AADE, protecting public health.

These are products that a well-known circuit, which distorts drinks, was preparing to push for consumption in a well-known nightclub on Iera Odos.

After a surprise check, the Rambots of the Independent Public Revenue Authority found and confiscated more than a ton of illegal alcoholic beverages (bombs).

These are popular drinks – such as whiskey, vodka and gin – which are expertly bottled in well-labeled bottles and served to young children, as this store is especially popular at a young age.

Illegal – and absolutely dangerous to health – alcohol was brewed and bottled in an illegal bottling plant on the roof of the building.

A person was arrested and a case was filed against two perpetrators, at the Athens Prosecutor’s Office.

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