North Korea reports 42 deaths and takes strict corona measures


In North Korea, the death toll from “fever symptoms” rose to 42 on Sunday. A few days ago, the country officially reported an infection with the corona virus for the first time. Strict emergency measures are now being implemented to contain the outbreak, the state news agency reports. KCNAO

In total, North Korea has more than 820,000 cases on Sunday of people with mysterious fever symptoms, of which more than 300,000 are under medical treatment, reports the KCNAO

Several countries have offered to provide vaccines, but Pyongyang does not yet appear to respond.

North Korea has been in total lockdown since the morning of May 12. There would also be a large-scale test, reports KCNAO† According to experts, the country’s healthcare system is completely unprepared for a corona outbreak. For example, there is no massive testing capacity, which means many people with fever cannot be tested for corona. As far as we know, no one has been vaccinated, “except maybe a few elite members,” Korean expert Casper van der Veen told

North Korea has maintained for two years that no one in the country has contracted the virus. This assertion is widely questioned.

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