Brazil – Lula has a big lead over Bolsonaro according to a poll


Former center-left Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva would have won comfortably if the October 2022 presidential election had taken place yesterday, as the percentage secured by the far-right president of Latin America, Zauron Zaire, has fallen. by almost thirty points, indicated a poll.

48% of the sample in this representative poll said that they would vote for Lula if the elections were held yesterday, while only 21% would vote for the current head of state. The poll was conducted by the Inteligência em Pesquisa e Consultoria Estratégica (IPEC) on behalf of the G1 news website.

Serzu Mourou, a former corruption judge who had been instrumental in imprisoning Lula before joining Bolsonaro’s government and then breaking with the far-right president, came in third with 6% of the vote. .

In the hypothetical scenario of excluding less popular candidates for the presidency, the former trade union leader has an even higher percentage, 49%, Mr. Bolsonaro 22% and Mr. Mourou 8%.

The coronavirus “hurt” Bolsonaro

The findings are broadly in line with a previous IPEC survey released in June that found Bolsonaro struggling to win over voters after his popularity plummeted over the past two years, largely because of the way he handled the pandemic. corona.

The pandemic has claimed the lives of some 617,000 Brazilians since it broke out in the largest Latin American country. This is the second heaviest death toll in the world, behind only the US (more than 800,000 dead).

They also show how dramatically the situation for Lula has changed in recent years. Imprisoned when Zaire Bolsonaro was elected, the former president (2003-2011) has since seen his corruption conviction overturned by the Supreme Court, allowing him to run for another term in the country’s top office.

The IPEC poll was conducted using the method of personal interviews with a sample of 2,002 voters from December 9th to 13th in 144 cities across Brazil. The statistical error margin is ± 2%.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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