Turkey: Concerns about capital controls


Scenarios for capital controls, freezing deposits, and even bankruptcy began circulating in Turkey after Turkish Professor Izet Ozgens warned that citizens “should be prepared for a state of emergency declared by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.” of the financial crisis “.

On the occasion of this position, the president of the Good Party, Meral Aksener, launched an attack against the Erdogan government. Ms. Aksener pointed out that Professor Izet’s report on the state of emergency raises concerns about capital controls as well as the freezing of foreign currency deposits. “This could lead to Turkey going bankrupt,” Aksener said, adding: “Do not dare to make such a move.”

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Professor Izet Ozgens sparked a debate with his tweet, and the phrase “OHAL”, the Turkish abbreviation for the state of emergency, immediately became a popular topic on Twitter: “in a severe economic crisis,” Ozgens said.

“We, as a society, need to be prepared for the state of emergency that could be declared as a result of a severe economic crisis that seems inevitable,” he said.

Opposition lawmakers, meanwhile, brought bread, lentils and oranges with them, throwing ostentatious media inside the Turkish parliament.

As they said, within a month the price of lentils has increased by 48% and bread by 30%.

The pound fell 1.5% on Wednesday to 14.59 against the dollar. The pound hit 15 against the dollar on December 13, prompting the central bank to intervene for the fourth time in two weeks, with moves that have drained more than $ 3 billion from its meager reserves.

Source: Capital.gr

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