Themistocleous: “By January 16, half of the 520,000 unvaccinated will have been vaccinated” (vid)


What he said about childhood vaccination

As it has become known, from today, children aged 5-11 can be vaccinated against coronavirus. The Secretary General of Primary Health Care Marios Themistocleous He spoke to SKAI and said that thousands of new appointments will have been opened between January 4-5, as a large amount of vaccines will arrive in Greece on January 3.

Speaking of those over 60, he said 115,000 people may have been vaccinated or had an appointment, and said that by the middle of the month, half of the 520,000 unvaccinated would have been vaccinated.

The Secretary-General for Primary Health Care also stressed that home vaccinations have increased and priority will be given to the 18,000 first-dose vaccination requests of those who are unable to move.

Regarding those who have been vaccinated abroad, Mr. Themistokleous said that a relevant platform is being prepared so that they can submit their certificates.

Lower dose for children

The vaccine given to children contains 1/3 of the adult dose of antigen and the regimen used is two doses with an interval of 21 days. In case a child is ill, the vaccine is given after three months.

In terms of side effects, as shown after 11 million doses worldwide, they are analogous to standard vaccines. That is, a slight fever or local reaction at the injection site.

The group of children 5 to 11 years old, as well as the groups of older children, include children who have a chronic disease.

Where will the vaccinations take place?

Vaccinations are performed in Primary Care structures and in Hospitals and in the first phase there will be vaccination centers for pediatric vaccines in 75 areas of Greece. More vaccination centers and Health Centers will be gradually added.

In Attica The vaccinations will take place at 5 vaccination points: at Agia Sofia Children’s Hospital, at Pentelis Children’s Hospital, at the Voula Asclepieion, at the Agia Sofia Health Center in Piraeus and at the Peristeri Health Center.

Also, on the islands and in the remote areas, “cruise vaccinations” will be applied, as was done with the first and the second dose.

The five main reasons for vaccinating children

The reasons why the National Vaccination Committee made the unanimous recommendation for the immunization of children were briefly presented by the chair of the Committee during the briefing the day before yesterday. As Mrs. Theodoridou said, the coronary vaccination:

– will protect children from infection and its complications

– allow them to attend education and all their activities in the community without hindrance

– will reduce the spread of the virus in the environment

– will indirectly protect vulnerable people close to children

– will significantly contribute to the reduction of virus mutations.

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