Maybe more gas needed from the Groningen field


It is possible that more gas will have to be extracted from the Groningen natural gas field than previously thought. The delivery of a nitrogen plant to ensure we can use foreign gas has again been delayed. This is what State Secretary Hans Vijlbrief for Economic Affairs writes in a letter to the House of Representatives.

Vijlbrief says the basic principle remains to be able to close the Groningen field as soon as possible. “I am also ready to do everything possible to keep gas extraction as low as possible. It is also important that there is no risk to the security of supply during the coming winter. .”

Groningen gas is a so-called low calorific gas. This is the type of gas our central heating boilers run on and the hob runs on. Foreign gas is high in calories. Gas with high calorific value can be transformed into gas with low calorific value by using nitrogen.

An additional nitrogen plant in Zuidbroek (Groningen) is therefore being built to be able to get rid of the gas from Groningen. Its construction had been delayed due to the corona crisis. It now seems that the commissioning of the plant is taking longer.

It will be September this year at the earliest.

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