German parliament approves billions to support households


On Thursday evening, the German parliament approved a vast package of measures to help households in the face of the sharp rise in energy prices. Due to the high prices, the purchasing power of many citizens is under great pressure. The aid measures amount to 15 billion euros.

One of these measures is a temporary reduction in excise duties on petrol and diesel. The reduction will take effect on June 1 and will be valid for three months. The excise tax on gasoline will be reduced by almost 30 cents per liter and that on diesel by 14 cents. With this, the government wants to bring prices at the pump back to the level before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one of the causes of the price hike.

In addition to reducing excise duties, the German government also wants to encourage people to use public transport more often. That’s why a monthly pass for regional and local public transport will only cost 9 euros from June. This measure also applies for three months. The government is allocating 2.5 billion euros to compensate transport companies for the loss of earnings.

The government is also promising additional one-time payments. Social assistance recipients will again receive a single amount of 100 euros, in addition to a comparable amount already promised. In addition, taxpayers will receive compensation of 300 euros and family allowances will increase by a single amount of 100 euros.

The Federal Council, Germany’s senate, will vote on the measures on Friday.

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