Sunshine all over the country


The Friday in most parts of the country will prevail sunshine, with only a few local clouds. The clouds will be increased in the morning in Crete and the Dodecanese, where there is a possibility of temporary local rains.

The rising temperature, according to the meteo of the National Observatory of Athens, will range in western Macedonia from 5 to 25 degrees, in the rest of northern Greece from 7 to 28, in Epirus and Thessaly from 8 to 28, in the rest of the mainland from 10 to 28, in the Ionian islands from 11 to 27 and in the island parts of the Aegean and in Crete from 12 to 25, while in the islands of the eastern Aegean the maximum will reach 28-29 degrees Celsius.

The winds in the Aegean will blow from north with intensities of 6-7 Beaufort, and probably locally in the southern seas 8 Beaufort. In the Ionian, initially a northwest current will prevail with intensities up to 5 Beaufort.

In Attica, sunshine is expected with a few clouds in the north and east. The winds will blow north northeast with intensities of 5-6 Beaufort. The temperature will range from 15 to 25 degrees.

Sunshine is expected in Thessaloniki. The winds will blow from changing directions with intensities of 2-4 Beaufort. The temperature will range from 14 to 27 degrees.

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