Today the decision for the rape and murder of Eleni Topaloudi


Today the Mixed Jury Court of Appeal will announce his decision on them two defendants in case of rape and murder of Eleni Topaloudiin November 2018 at Rose.

At the previous session of the court, the speeches of the lawyers were completed and so today, at the beginning of the trial, the decision of the Appellants and the jurors for the guilt of the two young perpetrators of the case will be announced, who have been sentenced to life and more. 15 years imprisonment. The court will then decide whether to grant mitigation and the process will be completed with the announcement of the sentence.

A 24-year-old and a 22-year-old are on trial for the death of a 21-year-old student, after she was brutally sexually abused. The accused sexually abused Eleni and when the student threatened to denounce them, they beat her brutally and then while she was in a coma they took her to a steep beach and threw her into the sea.

The prosecutor’s suggestion to the court is to find the two accused guilty as the accusation is introduced for them, essentially “showing” the judges again the life and temporary imprisonment for the two young men.

Present in court, as in any hearing, will be Eleni’s parents and mothers of women who died at the hands of their partners. The demand for them is not to reduce even one day the sentence for the torturous death of Eleni but also to sentence “to the end” the life sentence for heinous crimes and corresponding offenses with female victims.

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