The Tower of Piraeus was illuminated creating a magical Christmas world!


THE Piraeus Tower with 22 floors and a height of 84 meters, dominates in one of the most central parts of the city, at the starting point of Athenian Riviera. On Tuesday, December 7, at 7 pm, he wore his festive clothes as another “lighthouse”, turn on the lights in an impressive spectacle, against the backdrop of the largest port in the country. Piraeus Tower SA, a joint venture of Cante Holdings Ltd (Dimand Group and EBRD) & Prodea Investments, together with the Municipality of Piraeus organized for another year this unique lighting, in the context of the festive events “Christmas in Piraeus – Holidays in the Neighborhoods “.

The Tower is colored and comes to life like a large installation inspiring and awakening optimism. The warm interior lights in the color of candles highlight his soul and everything he will bring to Piraeus in the future. Identified with the modern history of the city, it is a symbol of rebirth and development milestone, as the ecological renovation that is being undertaken makes it a breath-taking project for society.

The illuminated building will ‘converse’ with the people for a whole month, creating a feeling of euphoria, sending messages of optimism and hope in every direction we all need, especially during this difficult period of the health crisis.

The countdown for the “lighting” of the Tower was given from the port of Piraeus, the Mayor Mr. Giannis Moralis, the CEO of Piraeus Tower SA. Mrs. Dimitris Andriopoulos and the General Manager of Finance & Operations of Prodea Investments Mrs. Teresa Messari, with hundreds of citizens watching this special spectacle, through live streaming as the festive action took place without the presence of the public and with all the measures set by the State for preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Mr. Giannis Moralis in his greeting, stressed: “Piraeus has now entered a new era, the era of extroversion, rebirth, development. It leaves behind stagnation and becomes a modern city, a city with special dynamics, which is now at the center of investment interest, with the utilization of the Tower being a typical example. “

Then Mr. Dimitris Andriopoulos, noted: “Today, and for the second year, we reciprocate the trust shown to us by the Municipality of Piraeus, with this festive lighting and other similar events that will follow with actions and actions that will be addressed to citizens and visitors of Piraeus. The Tower of Piraeus will be the beginning of what we all call the ‘Athenian Riviera’ and after 70 kilometers, it ends in Sounio. “Imagine how many things can be done in the future that will upgrade the city, give it a new pace and make it a European tourist, investment and development destination.”

Finally, Ms. Teresa Messari, added: “We are creating a special landmark, which will contribute to both the aesthetic upgrade of Piraeus and the commercial. We hope that the whole world will “embrace” it and that it will become a real jewel, unique in the whole Greek territory, as it will be the tallest tower with extremely sustainable features and unique aesthetics “.

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