Pierrakakis: We will spend the 500 million digital transactions for this year


“Digital transactions so far have reached 490 million and we will exceed 500 million. They started from 8.8 million in 2018, increase to 34 million in 2019, to 94 million in 2020. Most are interoperability, which means that the state has started to operate in an increasingly smart way. We have saved 55 queues per adult “stressed the Minister of Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrrakakis, in the context of the 7th Annual Economic Conference EENE and added that in the first quarter of 2022 the existing identities will be in the wallets of mobile phones. Mr. Pierrakakis reiterated that the state must now plan policy-based services, as was done in the vaccination system, in the redesign of life events and stressed that “in transfers we will have a big change, the digital real estate transfer system.” As he pointed out, “it is interesting to give the appropriate incentives so that the employee can move on to upgrading skills in the course of his life. We will make more than one career in our lives, especially the next generation. “Reskilling will become necessary at every level for this and the appropriate institutional interventions are needed”.

As the Minister characteristically stated, digital policy is a mechanism for reducing inequalities. “A state that works digitally and quickly is a state that creates a field of equality, helps expatriates, people with disabilities, the working parent,” he said, adding that digitization creates a state that works well for all and not just those. who will be able to approach it. “Improves productivity, infrastructure, with equal access to infrastructure.”

Regarding the issue of digitization in the field of justice, Mr. Pierrakakis stressed that “justice is one of the places where digitization is very lacking” and referred to the steps that are being taken, in the system where one can file a digital petition, in Digital signatures that will be issued free of charge to professional groups and citizens until the end of January, but also on the board that will be online, will be made for all courts. “We are talking about a parallel strategy of small and large projects,” he said, stressing that “in 2025 we will have started receiving almost all the projects of the Recovery Fund.” He commented, however, that the country’s long-standing issue is fixed telephony and reiterated the need to decalcify the network, while he also spoke about the internet through microsatellites and stressed the need to convert paper into information. Regarding business support “we have business support programs, such as cloud services, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, etc.”

source: ΑΠΕ

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