Feyenoord fans ready for first final in 20 years: all event sold out


“Cup fever” hits everyone who cares about Feyenoord. The Rotterdam team is preparing for the Conference League final against AS Roma. The tompouces are flying over the counter, many pubs are full tonight and in the Feyenoord Fanshop supporters can order the home and away shirt with considerable discounts.

“We are right in the middle of the Lijnbaan in Rotterdam. There are already a lot of fans walking around. There are big screens in the city center in some places, these are meeting places. And I talked to entrepreneurs who sell scarves,” says Dominique van Elsacker, director of Urban Department Store Rotterdam, a collaboration between property owners and entrepreneurs in the retail and food service industries.

According to Van Elsacker, many entrepreneurs profit from the finale. “And that’s mainly in catering, supermarkets and takeaways. People mainly buy drinks, food and of course a scarf on such a day.” The director, who is also for Feyenoord, does not watch the final in the pub. “No, all tickets for city events are sold out.”

Owner Willem Bollaart of Café ‘t Haantje in the south of Rotterdam says the tension is mounting. “The fans are nervous and really looking forward to it.”

It is therefore crowded on Wednesday evening in the café where the legendary coach Ernst Happel, under whose leadership the club conquered the European Cup I in 1970, came regularly. “Inside and outside, between 200 and 250 people come here to watch the football. People call us all day to see if there’s room left. We barbecue outside with ham sandwiches and of course lots of beer.”

In the morning already in line for the tompouces

Leerdam’s Bakkerij De Jager owner Edwin Kamper has gone through all his Feyenoord tompouces. “It was crazy, the supporters were already queuing on Wednesday morning. A total of 2,500 were sold, including 1,600 on order and 900 over the counter. Not normal, we also made tompouces when Ajax reached the semi-finals of the Champions. League, but it wasn’t as busy as today.”

According to Kamper, customers come from all over. “Even from Rotterdam, Dordrecht and Aalst. We had the idea during the away game against Olympique Marseille, with one of my employees who is the diehard Feyenoord. We listened to this game together on the radio, while we were working.”

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