Russian social media company offers its own app store after lockdowns


Russian social media company VK launched its own app store on Wednesday. It should replace the online stores of Apple and Google.

Big tech companies have blocked access to their app stores in Russia since the war in Ukraine. For example, users can no longer make payments in the Apple App Store and they run into the Google Play Store that they can no longer download or update apps.

VK, often called the Russian Facebook, wants to circumvent this problem and has therefore launched its own application store. The beta version of RuStore has been available for Android users since Wednesday.

The online store was founded with the support of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media. Russian tech company Yandex, investor Sberbank and cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab have also been involved in the development.

According to VK, there are currently more than 100 apps available. This includes certain government services. New apps should be added daily.

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