Volkswagen reaches agreement with British group over diesel scandal


German car group Volkswagen has reached a £193 million, converted €227 million, settlement in the UK over the diesel scandal. The settlement was reached with a group of around 91,000 car owners from Volkswagen and its subsidiary brands SKODA, Audi and SEAT.

The group had filed a joint complaint against Volkswagen in 2016 for tampering with diesel engine emissions.

Volkswagen will also pay compensation for, among other things, plaintiffs’ legal costs, but says it won’t make any concessions on liability. The company says the settlement will avoid high costs for lawsuits and appeals. “Volkswagen Group is pleased that we have been able to close this lengthy legal process in England and Wales,” a statement said.

The company also speaks of a new milestone in the closure of the “deplorable events” surrounding the diesel scandal that broke in 2015. Moreover, with special software, the emissions of diesel cars during tests were lower than what was expected. they actually were. Volkswagen had to spend billions worldwide in settlements and fines for the scandal.

The law firm that helped the plaintiffs says it is proud of the agreement reached with Volkswagen. “The settlement eliminates a long, complex and costly process and we are pleased to have reached this settlement for our clients in the mass claim.”

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