Trump will be a speaker at the annual arms lobby conference


Former United States President Donald Trump said Wednesday he would address the annual convention of the NRA, the most powerful arms advocacy group in Texas, despite the slaughter of children in a small school in the city. of the American South.

“America needs real solutions and real leadership at this time, not political and partisan expediencies,” the billionaire said on his social networking site Truth Social.

“And for that I will honor the commitment I made a long time ago to speak at the NRA conference in Texas,” he said, adding that he would deliver a speech “important to the American people.”

The former president is thus deliberately showing his opposition to his successor, Democrat Joe Biden, who, “disgusted and tired” of the country’s repeated massacres, questioned Tuesday night, hours after the massacre at Uvalde, “when, in the name of God, will we stand tall in the arms lobby?”

The so-called mass shootings, the attacks with the use of firearms with four or more victims in the terminology of the American law enforcement services, are a scourge in the USA that the governments, one after the other, have proved powerless to face, as they are unable to promote any ambitious bill on the issue, mainly because of the power of the arms lobby in Congress.

Describing the Rob Elementary School massacre as an “isolated and disturbed criminal” act, the NRA denied any responsibility on Wednesday and confirmed that its Houston conference would take place.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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