Starliner unmanned spacecraft successfully landed in New Mexico


Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft has landed safely on Earth. The capsule first flew over the Pacific Ocean, then crossed Mexico, before landing at White Sands Missile Range in the US state of New Mexico.

The successful landing ended a successful unmanned test flight that lasted six days. The Starliner was docked with the International Space Station for over four days.

This successful flight represents an important milestone for Boeing. The Starliner’s first manned flight will likely follow late this year or early next year.

Two previous robbery attempts failed. In 2021, a planned launch of the Starliner was postponed due to technical issues. In 2019, Boeing managed to get the plane off the ground, but due to software issues, the Starliner couldn’t reach the ISS and had to return to Earth after 48 hours in space.

Like Elon Musk’s competitor SpaceX, Boeing has a contract with US space agency NASA to fly crew and supplies to the ISS. SpaceX has completed four of these missions.

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