Nikos Tzanakis: The mandatory vaccination (vid) should be gradually extended


The professor of Pulmonology spoke about the developments in the field of Omicron mutation

Specifically, he told MEGA: “If we find cases that do not have a clear history of contact with travelers, it means that Omicron is in the community and is currently doing its job. It is not excluded that we may have the dispersal of Omicron during the holidays and its prevalence in January», stated and continued:

«Omicron will continue to cause mild and severe infections in the unvaccinated and we will protect those who have taken three doses from the poor outcome of the disease, intubation and death. Because it is highly contagious it will cause many infections and these in turn will give high numbers of deep disease».

Regarding the vaccination of children: “At least I would not risk, if I were a parent, my child developing this very serious inflammatory syndrome and damaging his blood vessels and heart to such an extent that they accompany him throughout his life. I understand their parents. They should think that they are vaccinating their children with vaccines without thinking about it and without wondering if there are any side effects. They show blind trust in their pediatrician. Do the same now“, Was the recommendation of Mr. Tzanakis.

Mr. Tzanakis stressed that the obligation to vaccinate should be gradually extended: “He wants an organization so that not everyone falls on the platform together.” he stated.

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