The author of “How to kill her husband” is guilty for the murder of her husband


An American author, who had written an essay entitled “How to kill your husband”, was found guilty yesterday Wednesday by a jury in Oregon, in the northwestern US, for the murder of her husband in 2018.

After eight hours of deliberation, jurors found Nancy Crampton Brophy guilty of killing Daniel Brophy.

The author, who specializes in romance novels with titles such as “The Wrong Husband,” dismissed the allegations from the outset, saying that CCTV footage of her near the crime scene showed her simply looking for inspiration for her books.

As for a missing pistol, the murder weapon according to the police, he said he bought it to have realism next book he was preparing. She also denied allegations that she killed her husband in order to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars from his life insurance.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

According to prosecutors, Nancy Crampton Brophy was facing financial problems in June 2018, when she allegedly killed her husband with two bullets in the heart at the cooking school where she was teaching.

Students found Daniel Brophy, 63, lying on the floor of a classroom.

His wife was arrested in September of that year and has remained in custody ever since.

During the hearing, prosecutor Sean Overstreet presented evidence that, according to him, the accused actually committed the murder.

“It simply came to our notice then. “The issue was the lifestyle she wanted and Dan could not offer her,” he argued.

In the chair, Nancy Crampton Brophy denied the allegations, assuring that her financial problems were ancient history. “Financially, I would be much better off if Dan were alive than if he was dead,” he said.

“Where is the motivation, I ask you?” “Any publisher would laugh and say ‘I think you need to work on this story more, it has a huge hole in the middle,'” he added.

The duration of the sentence to be imposed on the author is not yet known.

The essay “How to kill your husband” never dealt with justice as a trial.

The essay stated that firearms “make a lot of noise, cause damage, and require a certain degree of skill.” But – the text concluded -, “what I know about the murder is that everyone has it in him, if he is pressed enough”.

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