Flash delivery company Getir lays off thousands of employees worldwide


Flash delivery company Getir will lay off about 4,480 employees worldwide. This represents approximately 14% of the company’s total workforce. It will also spend less money on discount campaigns and marketing. This emerges from an internal letter to Getir staff in Wednesday’s hands. Tech Crunchwhich was confirmed by the company.

Getir has a total of 32,000 employees and is active in nine countries, including the Netherlands. Despite the massive layoffs, the company is not withdrawing from any of these countries. It is unclear what the dismissal of the approximately five thousand employees will mean for employees in the Netherlands.

Company executives wrote in the letter that “rising inflation and deteriorating macroeconomic prospects” are forcing a global adjustment.

Earlier this week, flash delivery company Gorillas also announced that it was downsizing. The company is laying off 300 employees and withdrawing from Belgium, Italy, Denmark and Spain.

Here, too, it is unclear what the layoffs will mean for Dutch employees. Versus by Volkskrant the company says the shutdown has consequences for “a number of colleagues in the Dutch office”.

123 branches in the Netherlands

The Netherlands currently has 123 branches of flash delivery companies, according to new figures released on Wednesday. These branches are located in 38 different municipalities, which represents approximately 10% of all municipalities in the Netherlands. The locations are mainly in the cities, mainly in the Randstad and especially in Amsterdam.

Consumers can order groceries online from flash delivery companies. Companies undertake to deliver orders within a short period of time. They can do this because they have several small distribution centers in cities. This makes the companies different from, for example, Picnic and Albert Heijn, which also deliver groceries.

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