Loan haircut of 83% to a borrower with work instability


News write-off of bank debt of 83% succeeded the Union of Consumer Workers of Greece of GSEE on behalf consumer loan borrower totaling 14,650 euros.

According to a statement, the case concerns a consumer with job instabilitythe result of which was its more than doubling consumer loan.

Unfortunately, despite proven inability of the debtor to service his loan but also the small payments it made, the credit institution did not accept to make any favorable arrangements for debt service.

The Consumer Workers’ Union of Greece, following negotiations with the credit institution and the fund to which the loan was transferred, managed to write off an amount of 12,150 euros and repay the loan by paying 2,500 euros.

EEKE reminds that since 2010 it has been providing support and advice to consumers for the out-of-court settlement of their debts to credit institutions.

Consumers who face any problem in settling their debts are invited to contact the Consumer Workers Association of Greece.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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