PASOK-KINAL: Tsavousoglou’s statements are not tolerated


“The growing Turkish provocation and the constant threats against the national sovereignty of Greece can not be tolerated, as expressed by the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt TsavousoglouHe commented PASOK-Movement for Change.

At the same time, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg expressed concern about the policy of “equal distances”, as, according to the commentary of the Press Office, “it gives Turkey room to continue violations of international law and blackmail regarding the desire Sweden and Finland to join the Alliance “.

PASOK-KINAL pointed out that the US and EU countries must not only maintain a firm position in favor of the application of international law, but also prove it in practice with their choices and primarily by not equipping the neighboring country.

According to the PASOK-Movement for Change, the bitter pain from the treatment of Mr. Putin is a tragic lesson and we owe its conclusions to be instructive in the face of any revisionism.

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