Fewer tickets for KLM flights until Monday, Schiphol comes up with an action plan


KLM will reduce ticket sales for flights departing from Schiphol in the coming days. The airline does this due to the crowds at the airport. This concerns KLM flights until next Sunday inclusive. Schiphol announced a crowd control action plan on Thursday. It has already been reported that KLM will cancel all ticket sales until Sunday. This turned out to be incorrect.

A spokesperson cannot say how many fewer tickets the airline will sell. “We have taken the decision to create space for rebooking the flights of people who missed their original flight due to the crowds at Schiphol. That is why the number of tickets we sell is now limited,” the spokesperson told NU.NL.

When asked how things will continue after Sunday, the spokesperson could not say anything. “We’re not moving on that yet.”

It has been busy at Schiphol for weeks as the airport grapples with major staff shortages. In combination with a wildcat strike by baggage handlers, major problems arose during the May holidays. Travelers had to queue for hours and dozens of flights were canceled.

It has also been very busy the past few days. Travelers had to queue for hours in some cases. Schiphol told NU.nl on Wednesday that the crowds are expected to continue until after the summer holidays.

Schiphol announces action plan against summer crowds

KLM’s announcement comes on the same day Schiphol presented a plan to prevent large crowds at the airport in the summer. The set of measures comes on top of new landing rules announced by Schiphol on Wednesday.

First, the airport wants to recruit more staff, such as additional security guards. Schiphol is in close contact with security companies and launches campaigns.

It should also become more attractive to work at Schiphol. For this, the airport wants to better reward work. In consultation with the unions, the company hopes to reach a negotiated result soon.

The airport also wants to improve passenger flow. For this, the company deploys so-called security coaches, who are to help security travelers get through the checkpoint faster. The company will also examine with the airlines whether the number of hand luggage can be reduced.

Finally, Schiphol wants to better coordinate the number of flights at the airport with the amount of staff available. To that end, the company is in talks with airlines on planning, moving flights to regional airports and adjusted landing rules announced on Wednesday.

Improvement: an earlier version of this article stated that KLM would suspend ticket sales until Sunday inclusive. This is an error. The wrong information came from a news agency with which NU.nl works. The post has been edited.

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