Gasoline: Greece has the 3rd most expensive unleaded in Europe


Chrysostomou Tsoufis

Course … championship they do fuel prices in GREECE. According to the latest data published by the Commission, our country has the 3rd most expensive unleaded in Europe at € 2,267 / liter, behind only Finland and Denmark. The European average is at 1.98 € / literthat is, it is almost 29 minutes behind the price in Greece.

Unleaded in Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden costs over € 2 / liter.

The country is in 7th place regarding the price of heating oil with € 1.61 / liter behind Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Bulgaria 25 minutes above the European average of € 1.36.

In contrast to diesel due to the horizontal reduction of 15 minutes in force, the price in Greece is almost as much as the European average, at € 1,869 / liter against € 1,856 / liter. Nevertheless, the country is in the first half of the ranking, and specifically in 11th place.


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