115 soldiers were “taken down” because they refused to take part in the war


A Russian military court in Cabardino – Balkaria confirmed the firing of 115 soldiers because they refused to take part in the attack in Ukraine, rejecting their appeal.

This case seems to be the first officially confirmed case of Russian soldiers who refused to take part in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24.

The military tribunal concluded, according to a press release issued Wednesday, that “Arbitrarily refused to carry out an official mission” and dismissed their appeal.

The military tribunal said it had examined “necessary documents” and questioned officers of the National Guard, an internal security force that also operates in Ukraine but is separate from the Russian military.

The hearing was held behind closed doors to prevent the revelation of “military secrets”, the court added, which did not specify where these soldiers were stationed in Russia.

The military court’s press service, quoting the Interfax news agency, said today that the men were members of the National Guard who refused to carry out a mission linked to Moscow’s “special operation” in Ukraine, which Russia calls the invasion. to her neighbor.

Source: skai.gr

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