Syria: Given the serious humanitarian situation, the Security Council must guarantee the entry of aid


Not extending the entry permit for cross-border aid to Syria would be a huge mistake by the Security Council, the international community must safeguard and increase financing to that assistance, millions of lives depend on it, said Thursday the UN Commission of Inquiry for that country.

In a statement, human rights experts on the investigative team alluded with concern to the disagreement among the members of the Security Council to extend the authorization delivery of humanitarian supplies to Syrians through the only open cross-border crossing, located in the northwest of the country, which expires on July 10.

inconceivable idea

For the Commission, the mere idea of ​​closing the last open point when the needs are greatest is “inconceivable” since such assistance has met the vital needs of millions of people in Syria.

Paulo Pinheiro, president of the Commission, considered “a moral abomination” that a Security Council resolution was needed to facilitate cross-border aid against constant violations by the Syrian government and other parties to the conflict of international humanitarian law.

The UN estimates that currently 14.6 million Syrians depend on humanitarian assistance, the highest number recorded. Twelve million of those people are acutely food insecure, an increase of 51% from 2019.

The Commission specified that in northwestern Syria, where the opposition is in control, the humanitarian deterioration is accelerating due to hostilities and the economic crisis, leaving 4.1 million people – 80% of them women and children – at the mercy of aid to survive.

Supplies entering through the crossing authorized by the Security Council allow help 2.4 million people a monthalthough they also receive supplies from the interior of the country.

The research team reported that cross-border aid has steadily decreased with the gradual closure of the authorized steps.

The Commission recalled that in its eleven years of investigation of the conflict it has documented how hostilities, including attacks affecting emergency relief personnel, transport and infrastructure, as well as violence and insecurity, have hindered the delivery of humanitarian aid. in all the country.

Humanitarian aid as a negotiation weapon

“He has also discovered that both the government and non-state armed groups They have repeatedly used humanitarian aid inside Syria for political bargaining and have often deliberately withheld it for specific populations, particularly those under siege.

He warned that throughout the Syrian territory, staff members of humanitarian organizations are constantly at risk of being harassed, arbitrarily arrested and detained.

According to the Commission, the war in ukraine it has damaged diplomatic relations and channels of communication on Syria within the Security Council and has caused unprecedented economic hardship in Syria by raising food prices and causing shortages of wheat and other staples.

In addition, the rising unemployment it pushes ever larger segments of the population into extreme poverty.

Declining funding

On the other hand, funds for assistance have decreased and are insufficient to meet basic needs of the Syrians, including protection.

International relief organizations highlighted this contraction in resources at the Syria Conference organized by the European Union in Brussels earlier this month.

“The international community cannot abandon the syrian people now”, said Paulo Pinheiro, recalling that the Syrians have endured eleven years of a devastating conflict that has inflicted untold suffering on them. “They have never been more impoverished and in need of our help,” he stressed.

On the other hand, the Commission emphasized that the delivery of aid should be based solely on a humanitarian assessment. transparent and impartialregardless of the channels used to access it.

In this sense, he insisted that they must remove all obstacles to life-saving aid, including sanctions-related hardship.

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