SYRIZA-PS: “The unequivocal closure of the investigation into the Novartis scandal raises questions”


“Once and for all, the huge Novartis scandal is being closed,” SYRIZA-PS said in a statement, adding: “Although there was new evidence that shed light on this dark case, it raised a number of questions about the handling of specific investigating authorities.”

SYRIZA reminds that “we had warned ND and PASOK-KINAL, when they set up the pre-investigation parody to ‘baptize’ the conspiracy scandal and thus to remain unpunished, both their chosen ones and the company, that the case would backfire” .

He further cites “that as revealed by the website DOCUMENTO, an FBI agent serving at the US Embassy in Athens, formally requested from December 2019 through the Supreme Court to contribute to the investigation into Novartis. At that time, the company, after the investigations of the Americans, was one step ahead of its condemnation in the USA for the bribes in Greece.

The case was eventually closed with Novartis accepting an out-of-court settlement by paying $ 346 million in June 2020 to keep the case from proceeding. “All this time, the FBI document was kept secret and the agent was never called.”

In general, the official opposition states: “Defendants are prevented from exercising their legal rights, witnesses are not even taken into account, Novartis pays hundreds of millions not to be tried in the US, but otherwise the case is a ‘conspiracy’. The Rule of Law, however, has the institutions that will respond to their mission and we are sure that in the end everything will be revealed “.

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