Draghi: “I looked for Putin to ask him to stop blocking the wheat in Ukrainian warehouses”


Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi referred in a statement to a telephone conversation he had this afternoon with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I was looking for Putin to ask him to stop blocking the wheat in Ukrainian warehouses, because the food crisis that is approaching and already exists in some African countries will have huge proportions and terrible consequences,” said the Italian prime minister.

“The cooperation should aim at clearing the ports of mines, guaranteeing that there will be no attacks during this process. We did not mention any guarantees. Putin was in the mood to follow this path. It is an initiative that I felt I had to take, given the gravity of the humanitarian crisis. “Let’s hope it works,” Draghi added.

At the same time, the Italian Prime Minister stated that he would always talk about the same issue with Ukrainian President Zelensky, while “during the phone call with Putin he did not see any ray of hope for a comprehensive peace in Ukraine”.

“I will report on this communication and the European Summit of EU Leaders next week. “The effort may not succeed, but the seriousness of the situation requires us to make this effort,” said the Italian technocratic prime minister.

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