SYRIZA-PS: The government is playing with fire by setting up provocations against students


“The government is playing with fire,” SYRIZA-PS said in a statement about the incidents at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, responding to a corresponding announcement by ND and asking for responsibility for the student’s injury.

Specifically, in her announcement, Koumoundourou states: “Instead of incendiary statements from ND and its ministers, we expect the leadership of the Hellenic Liberation Army, political and operational, to say who are the policemen who throw a flash grenade with a direct shot from the a measure against students, resulting in the serious injury of one of the protesters to the head and how they will be punished.

The government is playing with fire, setting up provocations against students and the younger generation with the sole aim of further discrediting the public university for the benefit of private interests. That is, the only thing that interests Ms. Kerameos and Mr. Mitsotakis “.

Three arrests and nine extraditions from the episodes at AUTh

It is worth noting that ELAS during the incidents that occurred after the end of the march in the center of Thessaloniki made three arrests and nine extraditions.

Specifically, in its announcement, the Greek Police states that: “In the afternoon today (26-05-2022), after a call from various organizations and groups, a gathering was held in Kamara Square, about three thousand (3,000) people.

After the end of the march, a large number of gathered (about 1,500 people), headed to the surrounding area of ​​AUTh. and some of them threw objects (stones, etc.), flares, as well as Molotov cocktails against the police forces present, resulting in the injury of one (1) police officer.

In total, nine (9) people were brought in, of which three (3) were arrested, while a preliminary investigation is being carried out by the Thessaloniki Security Directorate “.

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