Minecraft is getting two new biomes on June 7


The famous sandbox game Minecraft June 7 will receive a major update. The update, called The wildincludes two new biomes and new enemies, according to a post on the official website Minecraftto place.

The two new biomes are the deep black and the mangrove. the Deep dark lies deep underground. What is striking in this biome is the complete silence. The player can encounter two new enemies in these underground passages: the crier and the director

The other biome in the update is the mangrove. In this mangrove forest, a new type of wood can be found and it contains a new type of block, namely mud block. The player can also craft them himself, by combining a block of dirt and water in the Arts and crafts-menu. Additionally, the update adds frogs and tadpoles, and players can sail in rowboats with a treasure chest on board.

The update is free and will be available for all versions of Minecraft† The game is available for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux consoles.

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