ND for SYRIZA: He is trying to construct his own reality


“What the newspaper” Parapolitika “reveals today reminds us of the works and the days of the SYRIZA government, with the same methods and the same protagonists”, it is mentioned in an announcement from the Press Office of ND.

And it is pointed out: “Since the measurements of public opinion do not suit Mr. Tsipras’s narrative, what does he do? He is trying to construct his own reality.

He did it in the run-up to the elections with the memory of BridgingEurope and VoxPop, which, as it turned out from the election results, misled the public, and he does it today by creating, through Mr. Tsipras’s associates, a company based in Cyprus that conducts SYRIZA-friendly measurements. ” .

In its announcement, ND underlines that “SYRIZA is called to respond:

The close associate of Mr. Tsipras’s financial office when he was Prime Minister P. Allilomis, participates in the company RealPolls that makes measurements friendly to SYRIZA?

Mr. Pappas, a former close associate of whom he promotes these measurements with granted registrations, what does this have to do with the case?

We believe that it is the obligation of SEDEA, within the framework of its responsibilities, to examine the methods of the specific company.

“SYRIZA, the only thing it manages with such methods, is to remind the citizens, its real face” concludes the announcement of ND.

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